Leica EZ4 W Stereo Microscope

Leica EZ4 W Stereo Microscope Leica EZ4W Stereo Microscope

Leica EZ4-W Stereo Microscope. (Replacement for EZ4-HD)

The Leica EZ4-W, 5.0 Mega Pixel Digital Stereo Microscope offers competitive pricing, quality optics with Leica engineering for routine applications in educational, medical and industrial applications.

It can be connected to a computer or monitor using a USB 2.0, HDMI or Wireless live image streaming and SD card mode. With its seven-way LED illumination system, Leica quality optics, and LAS exclusive microscopy software it is a value that is unsurpassed in the industry today. The microscope features 8x - 35x variable zoom magnification and Leica software (PC or Mac). Live image streaming: Leica AirLab App (Android/iOS)

Complete literature: http://www.leica-microsystems.com/applications/edu...

Approx. Ship weight 18 lbs

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