HMLS Digital Gauge Calcimeter Kit + Magnetic Stirrer

HMLS Digital Gauge Calcimeter Kit + Magnetic Stirrer HMLS Digital Gauge Calcimeter Kit + Magnetic Stirrer

The HMLS Digital Gauge Model Calcimeter Kit + Magnetic Stirrer provides all of the necessary apparatus to perform easy and accurate field Calcimetery testing. The addition of the Magnetic Stirrer and Stir Bar allows for more convenient and accurate testing.

Calcimetery is used to determine the Calcite (Calcium Carbonate-CaCO3) and Dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2) content of a soil, oil well core or drill cutting sample. The buildup of Calcite in drilling fluids and in water treatment processes can cause scaling issues. The data collected from Calcimetery testing aids in determining a suitable chemical treatment. The data collected also provides a host of other geological information.

The Calcimetery test uses the pressure generated within a closed pre-calibrated reaction chamber, by the reaction of Hydrochloric Acid (10% w/w) and a correctly prepared testing sample to determine the Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite content, based on ASTM Standards.

The ASTM Standard for Calcimetery testing dictates particular testing parameters and a particular testing procedure. For consistent and accurate field testing, this is often impractical and unless preformed with extreme care, results are not reproducible. The equipment for testing is somewhat fragile, expensive and not ideal of field testing applications.

The HMLS Gauge Model Calcimeter Kit mitigates many sources of error and introduces a simplified testing procedure which allows the user to perform the test with accuracy and ease.

Kit Contents

-HMLS Reaction Chamber (5” x 2.25”)

-HMLS Reaction Chamber Top (includes Luer Lock Valve, Pressure Release Valve, Digital Pressure Gauge and Neoprene-O Rings)

-HMLS Reaction Chamber Stand

-Magnetic Stirrer

-1.25” Magnetic Stir Bar

-Luer Lock Syringe(s) 20ml and/or 60ml

-3” ASTM #100 Brass Sieve

-Digital Weighing Scale

-Stop Watch



-Sample Tray

-Laboratory Grade Hydrochloric Acid

-Laboratory Grade Calcium Carbonate

-User Manual


Approx. Ship weight 28 lbs

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