HMLS Oil Fluoroscope. 120 V

HMLS Oil Fluoroscope. 120 V HMLS Oil Fluoroscope 120 V.

HMLS Oil Fluoroscope (UV Box).

The high-intensity UV light this unit produces makes it possible to use it in situations where ambient light is usually too bright for UV examination. This proven design has been used for detection of hydrocarbons in drilled cuttings and cores - both in the laboratory and under the most severe oil field conditions.

Unit features a removable top (light source) for hand held applications.

Made from heavy gauge aluminum with a welded construction.

Powder coated for superior durability.

Premium rubberized eye piece

View Port: 2x Lens,

UV Source: 3 x F8T5 BLB (8 Watt)

White Light; 1 x incandescent BA15D

Power: 110/115V

Size: 10” x 9” x 14”

COO: USA, with foreign and domestic components.

Typically ships in 1-2 business days

Approx. Ship weight 22 lbs

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