HMLS Auto Calcimeter Kit - Single Sensor

HMLS Auto Calcimeter Kit - Single Sensor HMLS Auto Calcimeter with complete testing kit. One Sensor Configuration.

The HMLS KG-AC-X Auto Calcimeters are the most durable, accurate and simplified field calcimetery test kits available.

Calcimetery requires a sample to be reacted with Hydrochloric Acid within a closed pre-calibrated reaction chamber. The pressure generated is measured at two key intervals: 30 seconds and 45 minutes.

Practical field conditions, the rate of drilling and requirement of testing numerous samples accurately can prove difficult if not impossible. To address this, the HMLS KG-AC-X Auto Calcimeters are available in either a 1, 2, 3, or 4 Sensor Configuration to allow for independent and simultaneous testing.

Our current third generation software provides several refined Software Features which add a unique dimension to performing accurate and reliable field testing.

Each unit is supplied with all of the necessary apparatus required for testing. The electronic instrument connects via a USB Type A-A cable to the user PC. A simple software install is required. This can be done remotely if requested.

The unit itself takes up 11” x 7” on a work bench, with the testing kit supplied in a separate case.

Please contact us for a customized quote.

Approx. Ship weight 19 lbs

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